Monday, March 12, 2012

How bout that for a Monday?!

Spirits were high after laundry, shower, and repacking to a lower weight. Today was a little lower. Rained a little at night, rained in the morning, rained at lunch, rained in the afternoon, rained in the evening...heck, rained all day and still hadn't stopped. Raincoat waterproof, or so they claim. Pants muddy and soaked. Boots muddy but overall dry. Third time using this new tent, and Chris and I both have some leaking. Hopefully Big Agnes tent company will respond to urgent email and help soon!

Hoping for some dry days ahead!


  1. Thought about you yesterday in the rain! It's supposed to be really nice today, though. I've really enjoyed reading your blog :-) Have a great Tuesday!!


  2. ryan
    we are reading about you from CP hope you are doing well and enjoying the spring/summer like temps. take lots of photos. stay safe
    crown point followers

  3. Hey Bro!
    I finally seen Harry yesterday and he told me about your blog...thanks for telling me about it by the way! Wish I could have said farewell before you took off, but its all good. Be sure to stay safe and not drop too much weight!