Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rides on the short bus and clinics.

I don't go to doctors often. I usually don't get feeling to a point where I need to go. After last night, and seeing as I wasn't improving much, I decided to head to the clinic today. Hopped on the 9am shuttle from the Budget Inn in Franklin. I'm not sure exactly what Ron Haven's work title is, but the best way to describe him is the guy who seems to own everything in Franklin, NC, know everyone in Franklin, know just about everything there is to know about Franklin (and everywhere else he's been), short bus driver with a redneck twang to his voice. So I hoppe on the shuttle and after about an hour of dropping other hikers off at various spots, I get dropped off at Angel Urgent Care. A short wait and the doc comes in. Ironic that his name is Dr. Golightly? Haha, I thought it was funny. Well, turns out double ear infection. That may explain the possible fever, chills, crackling in my ears when I swallow, and overall just feeling like crap. Din, I feel for you now more than ever. I don't know how you can handle getting these things as often as you do. Maybe you should be on an Amoxicillin drip! I knew something wasn't feeling right, so I made the decision to go. Wish I would have made the call last night when Brian went and I wouldn't have held those guys up today. Didn't help that I missed the shuttle coming back to get me because I was at the pharmacy. So after waiting around for some time over an hour and a half, Ron, Chris, Broan, and other random hiker show up in a van to get me and get us back to the trail. Meds kicked in and I was feeling better but still not good enough to tackle these mountains. Had to kick it down a notch and take my time. By the time we got to a place to set up camp, I was exhausted. Not a high mile day, but still knocked out 8 miles or so. We had an option to camp near water about 2 miles further, but I requested a stop. The guys were cool with it so we set up camp and they made sure I got some food in me. Thanks guys! And a little help from Shanti, giving me some of her tea. I found a flat spot, but didn't get such a warm welcome from the neighbor so I moved away to my own little area away from the others. (just kidding Chris, it's all good buddy!). Probably a good idea I stay a little further away from everyone just in case these decongestant meds don't last all night and I'm blowing my fog horn.

Here's to meds and hoping for a better feeling day tomorrow!

Oh, almost forgot... hilarious quote of the day from none other than Ron Haven when talking about a bear encounter... "I was shakin like a two doller ladder!" (spelling purposely changed to emphasize the redneck draw).

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  1. Thank you for being smart and going to a doctor! I don't suppose you let him take a look at your foot? :) Go lightly, nephew.