Sunday, April 1, 2012

3.29.12 - Another down day in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg. Wow. Jason Aldean must have been talking about another Gatlinburg or different part of the area when he said "I hear it's pretty". Actually, I take that back. It was pretty...pretty freakin weird! Tourist town where apparently the obese smoking community goes on vacation. (I apologize for the mass generalization, but I'm just speaking for what I saw).

Well, the town was a little bizarre but it was nice to stay off the feet and let my shin heal. The Grand Prix Motel was decent, and cheap at $30/night. Was the hiker hangout in town. Great, big NOC mountain outfitter in town, and once again helpful staff just like the NOC in Nantahala.

Had to ride the shuttle across town twice to go to the grocery store. Once for prescription, second time to get food, as our last resupply didn't get forwarded from Fontana Dam. A combo of ours and the USPS' mistakes. Oh well. Learning experience for us.

Zero day, while I'd rather be out hiking, felt good!

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