Monday, April 16, 2012

4.11.12 - Cold Cold Day

Woke up to about a 35-40 degree morning. Tough to get moving when it's that cold. Maybe I shouldn't have sent my gloves up to my friend Hilary in Saratoga Springs, NY yesterday! Even on the cold mornings we've had on the trail so far, it usually warms up as the day goes on. Today wasn't really one of those days. I did sleep all through the night last night without waking up coughing from congestion for the first time in a while. Got a great night of sleep on this new sleeping pad too. My other is rated warmer than this one and I could tell a little last night, but overall, I was happy with my good night of rest!

It was really windy all day, and most of the time, I could see my breath. In the middle of the day I looked at Tarzan's thermometer and it read 50 in the sun. Felt much colder than that, in the sun or not.

Stopped at the next shelter, Cherry Shelter, pumped some water from the stream, ate some snacks, talked to Froot Loop and some other hikers we hadn't met before, including 2 strange guys chopping wood with a hatchet. We decided to move on another 4 miles toward a camping area. Ended up at a place called Apple Orchard. Oddly enough, we set up camp among some apple trees. At 7:30pm, the sun is still up, and the temp I'm showing is already down to 30 degrees. We are in for a cold night tonight, and most likely a bitter morning too. We are about 3 miles out from a hostel where Tarzan gets to pick up his new phone. We are hoping they have coffee and hot cocoa ready for us when we arrive!

Brrrrrrrr! Not going to want to get out of my bag tomorrow.

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