Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick Rundown of the Past 3 Days (including a state change!)

4.18.12 - rained ALL night and a lot of the day. It wasn't a heavy rain, but it just came down and didn't stop til about 2:30pm. I hiked ahead of the group, got to a shelter, had lunch, and had to get moving as I was getting colder and colder. Put my head down, and hiked fast, 8 miles to the next shelter, in just under 2 hours! Nothing to see anyway in the and fog, so I busted along. Caught up to Houdini at Double Springs shelter at 2pm and I stayed there to warm up and wait for for the rest of the crew. All in all about 13 miles today.

4.19.12 - much drier and warmer. Hiked 16 miles, crossed the Tenn/Virginia border, and camped 2 miles outside of Damascus. Camped with Coffee-to-go, from Germany. He said something about hiking into town for real food. I thought he was joking. He wasn't. We took nothing with us and made 2 miles into Damascus in 30 min. Went to Quincy's and had a few drinks with a bunch of hikers. Finally saw Phoenix again, and could celebrate her belated birthday. Girl's crazy! 2 sprains on her ankle and still hiking. Went to Food City per Coffee's request at 11:30pm. It was hilarious! He was blown away at going to a grocery store after 9pm, the selection of food, and being there with an American who could tell him what things were. We had to find everything he wanted to get the next day. We left with only a blueberry pie. Hiked back up to the campsite and got in around 1am. Rehung the bear bag with the pie, and went to bed.

4.20.12 - woke up to a 1/4 of a blueberry pie that Coffee left for us. The other guys didn't want it, so I ate it. Great stuff! Hiked 2 miles into town with the rest of the crew, and got town things done. Laundry, food resupply, outfitter, and caught a hitch from Mountain Man to Pizza Plus buffet! Ate A LOT! Needed a new hip belt for my pack since I've lost the weight, and they hooked me up with one at Sundog Outfitters for just $3! When we got into town, we went to the house Big E's mom was renting. Planned to just get showers and head out, but ended up hanging out there all night and crashed there. Kitty showed up, Fatherman, DK, Big E, Bubblefoot, Banana, and a few other hikers came by to play cornhole (bean bag toss) and hang out to great music. Tarzan and I had a heck of a run playing cornhole but ended up losing in a close game. Felt like we were back at Ball State! Tarzan and Flosser slept out on the porch, and I found a little nook that was made under the stairs with some pillows thrown down. Great night in town! Supposed to storm bad tomorrow. Not looking forward to heading back out into that!


  1. Rainy days are here, thinking of you and your fellow hikers. Here's to dry feet and dry shelter. Keepa goin'


  2. Hi Freak... it's been a while since I said Hello, but still thinking about you. You look good. I expected you to look like a stick! I need to send you some more sour patch kids so the meat between your legs can grow!!! HA! Miss you, Anna! I wanted to say something good to catch up for lost time!!!