Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4.10.12 - Town activities and such

Not much to post for today.

OH! Before I go any further... If anyone finds the Sweetart - Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies candy (from Easter and probably on sale pretty cheap), can you buy a few bags and let me know? I'd love to get my hands on more! I have no idea what happened to all of them that used to be in the bag that I bought yesterday...

Anywho...woke up and took our time getting packed up at the lovely Super 8 motel. A hot shower really helped clear my sinuses, plus I think the meds are already helping. Made sure to start drinking a lot more water.

Went to the post office, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and went to the library, before heading back over to Uncle Johnny's to pick up my food resupply, Tarzan's phone battery, and my replacement water filter. About half way through the approx 4 mile walk over, a guy stopped to give us a lift. No thumbs, no nothing. Pure kindness at work. Got to the hostel and outfitter and got our packages. Jerkasaurus was there again, but a little more helpful today. Funny how that works when THE OWNER is sitting right there. The dude jumped at every opportunity to help that he could. What a putz.

Hit the trail around 5pm and hiked 4 miles into the shelter. Saw Froot Loop, Blue, (Maine-iac was catching a flick in town still), Blueberry (who was pretty cool today and not quite as sassy as the first time we met), and met some we hadn't, like Bookworm, Summersault, Pork Steak. We decided to move on a little further and find a flat spot to throw the tents up. We followed our fearless leader Tarzan up a trail, and started to hear laughter. More laughter from the shelter and it got louder. We realized quickly we went the wrong way and weren't even on the trail. Haha, good work Tarzan! We hiked back toward the shelter and sure enough a few of the others were kind enough to show us where we SHOULD have gone. It's all good though, we laughed at ourselves too! Hiked about 2 min away and found a good spot to call home.

First night on the new sleeping pads Big Agnes hooked us up with to try out I'm lying on it now and so far do good. We will see how the night goes.

Later Erwin. Thanks for the KFC buffet :)


  1. Strangely enough, I have leftover candy that I would like to send to you but I have no idea how or where to send them!!

  2. I found the chicks and bunnies, 2 bags, where can I sen them. I have really enjoyed your blog Ryan. Keep pushing on... your doing great!
    Donna (Brackett House)