Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4.25.12 - 16oz Burger :)

We hiked like crazy for a few days in a row so we would be in position for a shorter day into town (well, more of a truck stop sort of area). We hiked 10 miles into Atkins, VA which is right along interstate 81. I recall having taken 81 from New York down to West Virginia on a few occasions if I'm remembering correctly. Along the way we came to an old farm which is now a historical museum. We decided to check it out (Flosser was really excited about it. Tarzan and I had our minds on food, but I'll admit, it was kinda neat). After a little while there, we went further down the trail and came across an old schoolhouse. I got the idea to do a Bart Simpson-esque chalkboard writing (something like "I will not skateboard in the hallways" repeated all up and down the board as punishment), but hiking related. Numerous times on the board I wrote, "I will not hike less than 15 miles per day", and signed it at the end. Hopefully some people pick up on this who come in after and see it!

Got into Atkins, VA area, not actually the town, to a motel called The Relax Inn, where our food resupply was sent. Other hikers poured in, as I don't think there were any other options of places to stay there. We got our room, then quickly made our way to The Barn restaurant up the road. We had was about the 16oz Hiker Burger in the guidebook, and my sites were set on it. We each got one and I knocked mine out no problem! Good burger! Put some Heinz 57 on it too which I hadn't had in a while. Oh man, the cravings I'm having for another as I type this a day later! Took showers, did laundry, and hung out in our room until bedtime.

Love trail Fridays!

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