Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4.30.12 - Early Morning into Pearisburg, and "Christmas"!

Slept alright in the shelter by myself last night. At one point I woke up and thought I heard something moving outside the shelter. May have been Tarzan moving in his tent, but at the time I wasn't sure.

Woke up around 6am and got moving. Had breakfast and hit the trail before 7am. Sore legs and feet made for a rough morning. We had about 8 miles of up and down until we ended up in Pearisburg, VA. Met up with Flosser at the Holiday Motor Lodge and got showered. Helped Phoenix fix her once again broken bag, then we headed to the Pizza Hut buffet and ate a lot of food! On the way back, we stopped into the motel office and got our resupply packages and my other sleeping bag. Also ended up with 3 care packages! It was like Christmas going back to the room and opening the boxes!

Thanks to my sisters Care (Carolyn) and Din (Kristin), brother-in-law Aaron, and Din's boyfriend Jeff for the puppy chow (now that's something I haven't had in a while!), Subway gift card, and card!

Thanks to The Brackett House Ladies (Donna, Jean, and Mary) back in Saratoga Springs for the blueberry muffins, hoho's, Pop Tarts, and the card and pamphlet! Reminded me of multiple great memories of living at the lovely Brackett House.

Thanks to Paul Cerone for the huge box of the most random, great assortment of hiker friendly snacks, from dried prunes and real fruit strips, to Pringles and Cheetos and Damn Good Jerky from upstate NY! Also, the bandana from The Mountaineer is cool and will go to great use as we sweat through some serious miles, and the emergency/fix-it kit was a very good idea! Also, I think getting you out on the trail to do some miles with us would be great! I'll keep you posted!

Really enjoying all the love and support that family and friends are sending our way along the trail! Thank you again! Also, because we're unable to eat absolutely everything that's sent at times, you've also made some other hiking friends we've made happy, and they wanted to say thank you too!

This place we are staying at is kinda odd, but it's nice to be off the feet an legs and getting some recuperating time in.


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