Saturday, May 26, 2012

5.25.12 - Bear and Beer

I think the heat has made my memory go a bit, so this one is short too.

Stopped to talk with a few people on the trail just before a campground. They were out for the long weekend in Shenandoah, and actually had lived in Indiana before. Coffee and I went to the camp store and stopped in to use the restrooms (a luxury on the trail). When heading back to the trail, we saw the same folks we talked to earlier. They invited us to have a tuna salad sandwich, chips, potato salad, and a beer! They wouldn't accept the title at first, but Debbie and Dave (see photo), you are trail angels, and that was some great trail magic! It really boosted our day! If you're reading this, thank you again, had a great time relaxing with you, and hope you enjoyed your weekend of camping.

We hiked on with happy stomachs and about a half mile or so before coming to a great spot to camp with a view of the sunset on Hazelnut Mountain, saw a bear. That makes two days in a row!

Planned for a bigger mile day the next day. (see 5.26.12 blog for actual events)

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  1. I am reading this...please try not to stress too much it will happen...we really did enjoy the rest of our very happy to have met both of you..thank you for your kind words it was truely our pleasure..will continue to follow ur trail! and see how things turn out..give coffee my best too!! Debbie