Thursday, May 31, 2012

5.28.12 - Unplanned Stay in Front Royal

Hiked remaining 13 miles to Front Royal, VA from Gravel Springs Hut in the morning. Met up with a hiker out doing Shenandoah for a few days who had done the PCT last year. Believe his name was Malto. At the stream we were filling water up at, Froto showed up and said there was a big rattlesnake on the trail a little ways back.

Just before getting to the road to go into Front Royal, we came across some cold sweet tea trail magic. Perfect, as it was a really hot day. Coffee was already there and said he secured a ride into FR with the section hiker.

Coffee, Froto, Pancake, and I got the ride into town and got dropped off at a shopping center. We saw a sign for $4.99 Chinese buffet and couldn't pass it up! From there, Coffee and I planned to do laundry and find somewhere to get showers. The laundromat there was closed, and while waiting in the heat we got the idea to find a cheap motel and call it a day. We stayed at the Scottish Inn for $50. Not bad when split 4 ways. Wasn't the best place I've been to, but certainly not the worst. Did my food resupply at Martin's Grocery and headed to the motel. Grabbed a shower, then Coffee and I headed out to do laundry. Had a chance to talk to my grandma and grandpa, which is always great! Walked down to Subway to grab dinner (compliments of a care package from a few towns back; thanks!), only to find that due to Memorial Day, it was already closed for the day. Took a seat outside a closed barber shop and talked to my mom for a bit, then headed across town to grab a quick bite at McDonalds (also compliments of a care package; thanks!) and cool off in the AC, went back to the motel room and enjoyed the AC and watched some tv with the guys. Glad we decided to lay low for the afternoon and evening, as it was about 90 degrees with a heat index between 95 and 100.

Was also great being able to catch up with some friends too. Unfortunately only via text, but was still nice to catch up a bit.

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