Thursday, May 31, 2012

5.27.12 - Hot Day but Good Mileage, Bug Bites / Poison Ivy

Last night, heard something that sounded fairly large walking around where Coffee, Dame Quixote, and myself had camped.

The morning started off cool, but quickly got humid, then the heat came. About 3 miles in was a picnic area that had running water. Took advantage of that and had a hillbilly shower in the sink. Felt good to get the dirt off at least and to smell somewhat like soap. Have been bitten a lot lately by black flies and no-see-ums which leaves lot I itching red spots. Also, some of the itchy areas are starting to form in lines, which from plenty of previous experiences, looks like I may have poison ivy. Lovely. I can hear my Mom now... "do you have Technu to put on it to clear it up?". Sure don't. Extra weight I'd rather not carry. Well, seeing as I think I've got poison ivy now and I don't think the likelihood is going to lessen based off how overgrown some of these sections of trail are, I think it's time to start carrying some. Luckily, I'll be resupplying tomorrow and can pick some up.

Made sure to drink a lot of water today with the heat especially. My rule for myself is that whenever I pull over to water a tree, I take a drink, and any other time I feel I need it.

Talked to a section hiking couple from Ohio. The lady told me that the wayside ahead has all kinds of good food like burgers, fries, etc. I told her that I had quit my job in order to do the trail so I have to watch how much I spend and spend it carefully. Besides I was carrying a lunch already. She old me to hold on while she reached in her bag and offered me money to buy lunch on her as a form of trail magic. I turned down her offer, but thanked her for her kindness.

Stopped by the last wayside in Shenandoah to get the last possible blackberry shake in the park. Nice and refreshing in the heat of the afternoon after doing 16 miles. Sitting around watching a bunch of tourists come through, especially those on motorcycles was hard. Made me wish I was back on mine in California, riding with the guys I used to ride with.

After our break we did another 6 miles to cap off the day at 22 miles. Much better than what we had done the past few days. Easier without other things getting in the way and taking up hiking time.

Stayed at Gravel Springs Hut, tented. Lime Green, Dakota Dan, Dame Quixote, Coffee, 4 other Germans, some boy scouts, 3 other people I didn't know, and Pancake and Froto (who I hadn't met before) were there as well.

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