Thursday, May 17, 2012

5.12.12 - Our First Full Resupply on Our Own, and Shin Splints

Set my alarm for 6am and started moving around 6:10am. Ate breakfast leisurely instead of in the typical rush to head out of camp. I'm going to have to do that more often. It was nice to get up earlier and have a little more time to get ready for the day. Balls of feet have been feeling good. Wondering if it's really the Body Glide doing the trick, or if my feet just happen to not be getting the normal hot spots for some reason. Regardless, I think I'm going to keep using Body Glide as long as it seems to be working.

Hiked 15 miles to the James River, and crossed the longest foot bridge on the AT to get to the other side. Came to a parking lot, then had to hitch a ride 6 miles into Glasgow. After a few minutes of failed attempts, someone in the parking lot offered us a ride in the back of his pickup truck. We stopped at the gas station for some fountain soda (craving the bubbles), and I also grabbed some candy. Sat outside at the nearby park at a picnic table and relaxed. Tons of crotch rockets coming into town and the gas station. Talked to some of the guys about their bikes. It was fun but really makes me wish I could hop on mine and go cruisin! Especially on nice days like today. Oh how much easier it is to pull the throttle back and go 20 miles, than it is to put one foot in front of the other to do so.

Next stop in this tiny town was Dollar General to resupply our food for the next 4 days into Waynesboro. I'll admit, it was a little tougher than I thought it'd be. Tarzan's wife Amy has been doing our resupplies (all but my dinners), and that has made it very easy on us! Hopefully what I chose will get me through 4 days. The only other place to resupply was at the gas station or a small "grocery" store. I think it would have been easier to resupply at a full grocery store like the Kroger that was in Daleville. Oh well. Grocery shopping and meal selection will be SOOOO much different and better when I'm back to the so called real world. I'm not really a fan of having to calculate food to see how I can get the most calories, with the lowest weight, for the cheapest price, and still try to maintain some healthy guidelines as well (while Zebra Cakes have about 350 calories per cake, a heart attack doesn't really sound worth it).

Before heading out of town, we stopped at the little family diner. Four Spoke said not to get the burger, so I ordered a BLT, fries, and a coke. It was an alright meal (typically just about anything beats a trail meal). It was kinda weird being there. Not much going on. One guy sitting around just watching a tv show about some murder story. You know, to each his own and maybe that's how he enjoys his Saturdays, but it's not my choice of a way to blow a weekend. Somewhat made me depressed just being there seeing the guy. At that point, knew we needed to get out of town. I talked to a guy who pulled into the gas station with a kayak in the back of his truck and asked him how the paddling was today. We chatted for a few then Tarzan and I were back to the side of the road to hitch back to the trail. Unsuccessful at first until my kayak buddy swung around and gave us a lift. Score!

Some point in the day on the way to town, I overdid it coming down the mountain and ended up causing myself to have what I believe is a nasty shin splint. Very painful, just like after I ran my other shin into the log a while back. Considering the similarities of pain, I think that's what happened the last time too. Maybe that one was spurred by the log collision. I picked up Icy Hot at the store and hopefully this helps. We got to John's Hollow Shelter after 2 miles from the road, and I took some time to soak my feet and ankle/shin in the cold water. We wil see how tomorrow feels. May have to take some time off it and let it heal. About 75 miles to get to Waynesboro, and I just need to be there by the 18th by midday at the latest, so I have some time if need be.

Two miles was not enough to get away from the hum of the bikes cruising down the (excitingly) curvy road. Maybe that'll cause some good dreams of riding!

The cross in the pictures was carved into a table today. I thought it looked really cool. As for the cave woman riding the dinosaur with a wreath around its idea. Glasgow was an odd town.

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