Sunday, May 6, 2012

5.3.12 - A Hot One, and First Day Without Flosser

Today was a hot one. Woke up on the ridge and got hiking around 7am. It was nice and cool in the morning, which helped make a climb more comfortable.

Today was also our first day without Flosser. He was too old and slow for us young pups, so we said see ya later. Just kidding. He's great and we didn't want to leave him behind, but he's getting off the trail to head back home at the next town to go spend time with his family in Yosemite and such, and his hurting legs have forced him to have to slow down. So... we bid adieu to one of our fellow Amigos yesterday, in hopes that we will see him again in New Hampshire and/or Maine to finish out the trail with Tarzan and me.

We made it to Pine Swamp shelter, 5 miles away by 9:30am and took a quick break. Moved on to the next shelter about 5 miles later and had lunch around noon. Took a good break there and let the feet air out. Met 2 southbound hikers from Florida who started in August, took a few months off during the winter, and got back to the trail 2 days ago. When asked if they missed the trail while they were off it, they both said yes, and were glad to be back. We hiked another 8 miles to War Shelter and hung out with No Trace, Unbreakable, Rainbow, and Nutterbutter for a few hours. Put our feet in the ice cold creek which felt great! Ate dinner and talked about Indiana and California (both of where No Trace and Unbreakable have lived), and about other trails and great hiking trips. Eventually Tarzan and I decided to hike on. About 20 minutes later ER came across a campsite and creek we had planned to camp at, but thought it'd be a little further. Probably should have stayed up at the shelter area and hung out with those guys longer and shared stories. Oh well.

Trying out sleeping with my rain fly pulled back. It's ready to reattach the front in case it starts raining, but hopefully this works out for a cool, dry night.

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