Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5.7.12 - 700 Mile Mark and into Daleville, VA

Woke up early and headed out to hike 8 miles into town. Cicadas all over the place, in and out of their shells, all over trees and bushes. I learned something new today. I wasn't aware that they live and grow underground, then dig and come out of the ground leaving holes. Some areas were covered with cicadas and you could hear them buzzing. Sounds kinda like a spaceship. I remember these guys from home when I was a kid.

In the past day or so, we hit the 700 mile mark. Miles are going faster and more consistently now. Hopefully our bodies can keep up!

Fairly easy hike into town, and taking a zero tomorrow. Going to wait for Flosser to get in town and have "The Last Supper" with him, and send him off back to California.

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