Saturday, July 21, 2012

7.13.12 - 7.18.12 - Saratoga!

Went into Saratoga Springs, NY where I had lived for 2.5 years. I left about a year and a half ago and really wanted to get back to visit.

Friday night, went out in Toga. My favorite bar there found my mug and I'm sure had to dust it off. Got to see a handful of people from both Quad and other friends too.

Saturday, went out on Lake George on my buddy Heath's new boat. Had a great relaxing day on the water, just like summer days when I lived here! Cruised over to The Boathouse restaurant and watched my buddy Bobby Kendall play. Amazing how much he's improved since a year and a half ago. Got to hear some of his new music that comes out next month, and I am pumped for it. Sounds amazing! Later that night we went out in Lake George Village and saw an 80's hair band cover band called Aquanette. Ran into some crazy parties that night! Stayed out til 4am then slept on the boat. I slept on the back, with my sleeping bag and it was great.

Sunday morning early cruise back to the marina, then I headed back to my friends' place. Dave and Laura opened up their place to me for my stay there. They had just come hiked with me a few weeks back. Took a shower, then headed to the church I used to go to. Sat next to an old coworker. Had the funny priest that I enjoyed, which was good. Afterward, went to WalMart to resupply food, then stopped at Eastern Mountain Sports to get a new filter cartridge, as my last one had worn out. Got back and took a much needed nap. Woke up and Dave and I made a stir fry that was excellent. When Laura got home from hiking a high peak, we went to Plum Dandy for some frozen yogurt. Good finish!

Monday, walked over to Quad to visit. Planned on being there from about 10:30 to 12:30 or 1. Didn't make it out of there til 4! Lots of good time visiting with old coworkers and friends. Got picked up by my friend Rick who took me back to his house for dinner with his wife Laura. A huge meal of spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread, Parmesan and tomato, and we talked about hiking and geocaching and such. Ended up crashing there for the night. Thanks for helping me carb up guys! It was great seeing you and being able to spend time with you!

Tuesday morning, went to breakfast at my old breakfast spot. Waitress remembered me, and I had what I always used to get. Brought back good memories. Went to the Brackett House after that to visit with the wonderful ladies there. It was awesome seeing the shocked looks on your faces when I showed up! Also, was great catching up with you. Went to the library after that to do some job research and work on my LinkedIn profile until meeting up with my friend Hilary, who has been helping me out by holding some gear I've sent to her along the trail and taking in packages for me, picked me up for lunch. We then went and hung out and caught up for a while. Then it was off to my buddy Tom's house who invites me to come over to hang out and eat. Good times brother! Thanks for the great grub! Back at Dave and Laura's we sat outside on the porch and watched a storm roll in. Finally rain!

Today (Wednesday), took care of some small errands in town after Laura made breakfast. Then Hilary picked me and we got subs from one of my favorite places, then hit the road back to the trail.

Such a good time seeing everyone I did! I truly enjoyed my time there and am very appreciative of all the hospitality from everyone to me. A big thanks to you all again!

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