Monday, July 9, 2012

7.8.12 - Four Months on Trail

Today marked four months and 1522.4 miles hiked on trail for me. While some of the time has seemed to have flown by, looking back at March 8 does seem like a while ago.

We hiked 20 miles to Tom Leonard Shelter. It was a tough day for some reason. There were more ups and downs than normal, my legs got sore fast, and I had some bad chaffing going on too. I've never had an issue with chaffing on my lower back or just below waistline, but for some reason, I had a hot spot on both sides. It seems to be where the corners of the bottom of my pack were hitting. The last 5 or so miles seemed to take FOREVER! And then when we got to camp, the water was a long distance away. Downhill of course.

There was trail magic at a road crossing though which made the day better. Ice cold Coke and water.

Stayed in the shelter for the first time in a while. Mosquitoes were bad, as they have been getting lately, so I set up my tent in the shelter. After all, Golden and I were the only people in the large shelter, and she even ended up moving out sometime in the night when the bugs were too bad and she was too warm.

There was a group of Jewish boys there that were part of a camp. They were interested in our stories and such.

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