Thursday, July 26, 2012

7.23.12 - Unplanned Zero / Work for Stay

Had planned on heading out in the morning but wanted to do laundry and resupply in the morning. Took care of those and then went back to the deli for the hiker breakfast. Big group of hikers sitting around enjoying food together. Challaph told me that I had done more than my fair share of work the day before, and that if I wanted to stay today, I could. I was undecided and kept going back and forth, but finally made up my mind and stayed.

I went to the library to research jobs and such for an hour, then went back to the deli to work more. Did some more dishes, ate some more homemade food (for free of course), then Flash and I took the bus to Eastern Mountain Sports. My water filter that gave me a lot of problems to begin with, which was replaced two times, was now giving me problems again. I called up MSR and this time they were helpful. They didn't tell me "it's not my fault you're on a trail in the middle of nowhere" again. They called EMS and lined it up so I could swap my filter out for a new one. Thanks to the helpful and cute EMS girl for taking care of me too!

Went back to the deli for more dishes and later on, one of the girls working there made me a delicious treat!

It was an unplanned zero, but I enjoyed it.

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