Friday, July 6, 2012

7.3.12 - Small Town Stay

Hustled to do 20 miles and get into Salisbury, CT as early as possible. Made it to town by early afternoon around 3 or so. Very tiny, quaint town from what I could tell, where everyone seemed to know everyone. Right as we entered town, we came to a church. Golden went in to see if it would be possible to camp on their property, as a lot of other churches along the trail offer this to hikers. After talking to the pastor, we were good to go with a place to stay for the night!

We went to the local Village Store where Golden and I had both posted that care packages could be sent to. There were a few packages there for me. The Starbucks Via hookup from LOL, and a package from one of my great friends Dave, and his friend Eric! Lots of goodies. Thanks to all of you for the love!!!

We next hit the local market which had a great deli. Got a sandwich with some cole slaw and potato salad for sides, and it was delicious! As filling as that was, about a half hour later, I got a craving for ice cream, and it was on sale cheap, so I bought a quart of Maine Lobster Tracks with caramel and chocolate pieces in it, and ate the whole thing. After that...plenty full, and happy too!

Ended up not sleeping very well that night behind the church. There was a loud generator noise that kept me up, plus my mind kept going back to thinking about needing to find a job and where I'll live after the trail. Many thoughts swirling in my head.

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  1. hopefully that'll keep you hikin' for a while. :) it was so great talking to you the other night!