Saturday, July 21, 2012

7.18.12 - Back to the Trail

Hopped back on the trail in Bennington around 3:30pm. Did 10 miles to Goddard Shelter. Along the way, ran into Fango and her friend's dog she was borrowing, heading south on the Long Trail. Talked for a little and moved on when the bugs were just too much of a nuisance. She mentioned a few hikers ahead that I knew.

Made it to the shelter and met a guy and daughter doing the LT, and another hiker, Robert showed up shortly after. He started at Katahdin but isn't sure if he's only going to NY or all the way. I was pretty sweaty from coming up a decent climb, and got chilled as it got later in the evening. Changed out of my wet clothes and into dry pants and jacket. Feels like its gonna be a cool night! Great view out the front of the shelter. There's a V shape through the trees which allows you to see further out toward the mountains. Pines all around, smells like Christmas! I LOVE-RMONT!

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