Sunday, July 1, 2012

7.1.12 - 1st of July, 1st time in Connecticut, 1st Marathon Day

Cannot believe it's already July 1st! Time has flown by! Each month seems to go faster than the last since I've been out here on the AT!

Hit the trail around 6:30am to take advantage of cooler weather in the morning. Passes Nuclear Lake, which was a really nice looking lake. Probably helps that protection agencies worked on restoring this area after the nuclear plant was closed. Made it into Pawlings, NY area around 11:30am. Met the superintendent of the national parks service on a walkway that had a dedication ceremony for it today. After that, we came to a railroad station right along the AT that stops on weekends and holidays to take people into New York City. We walked a little further and stopped in at a garden center owned by a hiker who is very hiker friendly, after about 11 miles. Relaxed there for a little bit, then headed back out into the trail. Seven miles later, we crossed from New York into Connecticut! Another state down! Keeper and I stopped at Ten Mile River to let Duke play in the water. It was funny watching him try new things, as he's still only a puppy.

We came to a long climb which really made me work. I was sweating profusely as we climbed and kept climbing. It was tough, but a good feeling to be doing that kind of hard work!

We knocked out just over 26.2 miles, which makes it my first marathon day on the AT! Ended up at the Schaghticote Mtn Campsite and met up with Golden and Wildflower.

A long day and I was tired at the end. I'm sore now, so we will see how tomorrow goes!

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