Friday, July 27, 2012

7.26.12 - New State!

This morning I had an easy 2.5 mile road walk crossing over the Connecticut River, which is the border between Vermont and New Hampshire. Made it into Hanover and went immediately to the bus stop to get a free ride to West Lebanon to do a resupply. Took forever and I think at one point we even went back to one of the bus stops I was already at! Resupply took all of 10 minutes (the power of having a list), then it was more time on the bus to get back to Hanover. In total, about 2 hours.

Back in Hanover, I went to the Bagel Basement, as they give thru hikers a free bagel and cream cheese. I asked the friendly girl working there what she recommended and I got some sort of walnut, raisin, and maple bagel with cream cheese called Afternoon Delight. It was great! Glad she recommended it! From there I went over to find the pizza place that gives a free slice to thru hikers. Found it but it didn't open til 11am, and it was about 10:15am. I went to the library next door to look a few things up, then went to the post office to mail a few things out. Ran into a few other hikers outside the outfitter, and a few of us went to get our free pizza and have a beer.

I finally left town about noon, knowing the weather was showing 80% chance of rain. Sure enough, just before I went into the woods, it started coming down slowly. Luckily for the day it didn't rain hard until I was about 0.2 miles from the shelter. I hoofed it in and made it before I got soaked. Met Repack for the first time, although someone was just telling me about him the other day. I was going to stay at Moose Mountain shelter, but around 4pm when I got there, I decided to push on the additional 7 miles or so to Trapper John Shelter. Dame Quixoti came in around 7:45pm all wet but it was good to see her.

Ended up being about a 19 mile day with some ups and downs but not too bad.

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