Thursday, July 26, 2012

7.25.12 - Free Hotdogs, plus Sweet & Low and Gray Beard

Had a great night of sleep last night. It seemed to have been just the right temperature and I must have been tired. Headed out of camp before the others staying there. The plan was either to make it 20 miles to Happy Hill Shelter or possibly make it 27 into Hanover. Throughout the day, I stopped a few times to talk to the few sobo's I saw, and break for lunch and water.

Dakota Dan and I flipped back and forth with eachother down the trail, and he decided to stop at the Full Belly Deli that was right on the trail. I figured I'd stop in to have a quick cold beverage. Hotdogs also sounded good so I ordered one to go along with my iced tea. I was sitting there for a while waiting for my hotdogs. Dakota Dan thought they may have forgotten about me so I went up and asked. Sure enough, they did. A few minutes later, the guy working there brought out TWO hotdogs and said they were on the house since he forgot. Nice! So in the end, 2 hotdogs and an iced tea for $0.99. Dakota Dan and I said goodbye as we probably won't see eachother again (he's taking downtime to let his daughter catch up).

I hiked on and came across Shadow and Chitty Chitty and Bang Bang. Tarzan had told me that I would be seeing Shadow soon so I said hello for him. They told me about a couples' house in Norwich that they stayed at and said they had a great time. They suggested I go there.

I made it to Happy Hill Shelter and decided to push on to Norwich to find this couple. I did 3.5 miles in just under an hour to get there. It was a little odd just going up to a random house and knocking on the door to ask for a place to stay, but I did it anyway. I was greeted by Sweet & Low (Betsy), who without knowing anything about me, let me inside, told me to hop in the shower, and meet them outside on the porch for dinner. She asked where I came from and when I told her about 25 miles out, she said "well your day is done, relax and enjoy".

I took a quick shower then met the four out back eating. They were friends of Sweet & Low and Gray Beard (Bill). I was given a plate of delicious homemade Thai food, and they asked if I wanted a beer. You bet! I was not expecting food or beer at all! Had a great time eating with them, then they picked up a few other hikers, two sobo's. We then had dessert. Chocolate cake with whipped cream. Later they picked up Hotshot, another NoBo. We all chatted for a bit, then I'd hikers went to sleep in the basement.

Unbelievable hospitality from Betsy and Bill! You're crazy in the best way possible! Thank you so much!

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