Thursday, July 26, 2012

7.24.12 - Sugar and Spice, and Fellow Hoosiers and Ball State Alum

Flash and I left the hostel early before breakfast to catch the first bus out. Whole we were waiting, Challaph came to find us at the bus terminal to give us a homemade peanut protein bar since we weren't able to have breakfast. Totally unexpected, but awesome of him to do that!

We got a ride down to one of my favorite restaurants that I've been to while snowboarding in Vermont, and from taking some customers there. Sugar and Spice is the place and it's great! Had 4 pancakes, two of which were made with maple syrup and brown sugar in them. Left there and got a hitch back to the trail.

Hiked a few miles and hit the Maine Junction where the Long Trail and the AT split. After that we got to Gifford State Park. Walking through I noticed a guy wearing a Purdue University shirt. I asked if he went there and sure enough he did. I told him I was from Indiana and went to Ball State. All of a sudden someone popped out of the passenger seat of their suv, and said she went to Ball State too. Turns out we both lived in the same dorm for a year. Who knows if we ever saw eachother or not. We chatted for a while them they offered us chocolate, soda, and beer. Even though it was still morning, it was Long Trail beer in the new "trail friendly can", something new they did. It was great running into fellow Hoosiers and another Ball State alum!

Hiked the rest of the way to Winturri Shelter, running into a lot of SoBo'. Along the way that shared good info about the trail ahead.

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  1. This is Maggie and Jim from Hiawassee and cannot seem to get in touch with you. Let me know if you get this one. You look great and we have just loved your blogs. You are in our prayers.