Saturday, July 21, 2012

7.20.12 - Bromley Mountain, and Hunger!

Cool night last night. Finally around 3am I got up and set up my tent in the shelter. Letting the sides of the rain fly lay against the tent actually traps a good amount of heat in the tent. Finally I was able to get some good sleep without being too chilly. Slept in til 7am because I hadn't slept well the rest of the night. Wanted to get an earlier start, but my body was telling me I should get the rest. Finally made it out of camp around 8am and hiked by myself all day. Did run into a few northbound section hikers, a few southbound section hikers, and a few southbound thru hikers. Didn't see one other northbound thru hiker. Based off the shelter logs, I think I'll catch some in the next two days before I hit Killington and Rutland to resupply.

Went over 3 mountains today. Bromley was by far the best. Ski lifts, ski patrol cabin, and no one else up there but me. Took some pictures sitting around on the lift chairs and explored the top. Only things missing were snow and my board! The trail actually came out of the woods and went straight up a green ski run called Run Around #1. Really enjoyed being up there and looking forward to Killington in two days, which will complete the trifecta of ski resorts.

For some reason today, I got really hungry between lunch and dinner! It may have been because I ate an earlier lunch. Noted. I kept pushing aside the hunger for the last three or so miles by drinking water. When I made it to Peru Peak Shelter, there was only one lady, Speed Bump, and her dog. She is section hiking for 3 days and today was day 1. Made dinner, made a fire, and chatted. Hopefully my feet are getting tougher! My body was tired around 18 miles in or so. Today was between 20 and 22 miles. Another good day traveling solo!

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