Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7.9.12 - Upper Goose Pond Cabin = Sweet!

Woke up this morning, tired and I could tell my legs were sore without even standing on them. I did the ABC's with my feet. A little exercise for ankles that I learned back in rehab. Felt good to loosen them up but I had a feeling it could still be a rough day. I laid in bed and didn't get out until about 7:25am. I just wasn't feelin it. The group I hiked with the day before took off, and I took my time getting ready for the day. Finally made it out if camp just a few minutes before 8am. Weird how I've gone from being up early and on trail by 6am, to this. I blame the few days and crazy nights in NYC for that!

For a while I just took my time and was "comfy hiking". Eventually came to Golden and Wildflower. We hiked together for a little bit, then I got ahead. I went to Shaker Campsite for lunch, where they met me about 15 minutes later. My preciously surgical foot was sensitive on top today, so I took a break during lunch to massage and let it air out.

Chaffing issue hardly even bothered me today. I left the campsite and went on alone. Caught up to Houdini and we hiked the rest of the way into Upper Goose Pond Cabin. This place is a great cabin run by the Berkshire Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). The caretaker currently there was Grampy and was a very nice guy. He had his grandson there, who goes by Yogi.

Houdini and I went down to the beach at the lake and jumped in. Felt great even with today being one of the cooler days lately. Plus it was nice to get the salt and sweat off.

Tomorrow morning, the caretaker will make pancakes for us. Definitely looking forward to that!

All in all a 21 mile day that was pretty good. Terrain was much easier today and the temps were in the 80's. Looking forward to a good night of sleep in the cabin in this bunk with comfy mattress. Crazy things like this are free. Well... Donations appreciated.

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