Sunday, August 12, 2012

8.12.12 - Great Sunday With The Ferrara's and Sunny Trail Day

Slept like a baby last night. I was so tired and comfortable laying in the comfy bed that while I was typing up my blog, I kept falling asleep and dropping my phone.

Had breakfast at the house with The Ferrara's. The father, Rich, and I were talking about things we are both familiar with in the printing industry. He is an artist and graphic artist, so that was cool being able to chat about something familiar to the both of us. I heard Maryellen (mother) mention something to the kids about going to mass. I asked if they minded me coming along, and they had no problem with it. We went to St. Luke's Catholic Church, and during the first reading, there was mention of walking for forty days and forty nights. I was waiting for The Ferrara's to all glance over at me, making reference to a long walk. Then during the priest's homily, he made mention to the trek, and I envisioned him looking over at me and nodding and winking! Haha! Unfortunately that didn't happen, but after church, we hopped in the car and we were all talking about the reference to a long walk. Good times!

Having been so lucky to have been adopted for a short time by The Ferrara's, and being able to go to church, then go along with them to the grocery store so I could do my food reapply, and then them taking me back to the trail, it was already a great day. That short but great stay really left me with a great feeling and great attitude to get back to the trail and continue on. Once again, can't thank you guys enough for everything you did for me. I don't think you realize how easy you made a series of things happen, that can sometimes be done only through complicated logistics.

While we were going to church and even after getting groceries, it was drizzling slightly. Today was supposed to be a beautiful day weather-wise. Well, it ended up being just that. The sun came out and I had a great day of hiking. Checked out Piazza Rock just off trail that The Ferrara's had been to and told me about. It was a really cool, large rock that was hanging out, almost balanced on other boulders. Stopped to eat lunch at Eddy Pond, then hiked up and over Saddleback, The Horn, and Saddleback Junior. Took a little rest and laid down to relax on top of Saddleback. Some clouds were blowing over, but the sun was out too, and it felt great. Hiked down to Poplar Ridge Lean-to, set up my tent, made and ate dinner, just before it started raining (yet again!). At least it was great out while I was hiking and I didn't get wet. Only an 11 mile day, but I started around 11:30am after a great first half of the day. Still ahead of the crew I was with the past week or so, and they were going into Rangeley, so I'm not sure when I'll see them again. Maybe in Stratton. Wonder how close I am to catching up to Keeper.

Good day! And for now, goodnight!


  1. Glad to hear you didn't get rained on, we were worried when it started raining around 7pm. BTW - what is your trail name? The kids think it should be lucky charm :-).

  2. Thank you, Ferrara family, for brightening Ryan's day!

    From his Aunt Chris