Monday, August 20, 2012

8.18.12 - Sunny Day, Trail Magic

Had a delicious breakfast buffet at Northern Outdoors. We showed up at 7:10am (10 min after they open), and we were the last ones there at the end of the buffet at 9am. Champs. That's what we are.

The sun was shining and the sky a vibrant shade of blue. Looked like a nice day was in store for us! We got a free shuttle back to the trail and had some good, fairly flat trail for the first six miles, which brought us to Pleasant Pond Lean-to. There we met Pandora, who told us that her friend was up ahead at the road near Moxie Pond and she was doing trail magic. That got us moving even faster. We stopped at the top of Mt Pleasant and took in the great views. The Bigelows looked gnarly and we wished we'd had good weather and views over them. Moved on and got to the road. Met Brownie Brittle, who have us soda, bean burritos, hotdogs, pickles, cookies, and talked to us about the trail ahead. She was a really nice lady. We thanked her and moved on. Right away, we had to ford some water. Not listed in the book, but we still had to do it. We thought that maybe its not normally that high, and rock hopping would get us across without getting wet. Was the deepest and swiftest moving water we've crossed yet. Knee deep in some spots.

We hiked 7 more miles, up and over Moxie Bald (which was a really cool area up top with open rock) and down to Moxie Bald Lean-to. The guidebook says this area has a lot of moose. Hopefully see one!

The sky was really clear, so Houdini and I went out to the water's edge and checked out the stars. It's gonna be sad to leave this stuff behind when I'm done. Nice cool night as I hop in my tent. Should sleep like a baby.

19 mile day.

132 miles to go.

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