Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8.21.12 - Into the 100 Mile Wilderness and Double Digits!

99 miles to walk on the trail.
99 miles to walk.
Walk one more, then ends the song.
99 miles to walk on the trail.

(thanks thanks, wrote it myself. I'll be signing autographs when I get back)

Late late start to the day. May have something to do with a little party last night. I felt fine today, but others weren't really eager to hike early. Got to the trail around 11:30am, and hiked 15 miles from Monson to Long Pond Stream Lean-to.

Had 3 stream and river fords. Nothing out of the ordinary lately.

Heavy food bag with 5 days of food. The sign at the beginning of this section, known as the 100 Mile Wilderness, says to make sure to have at least 10 days of food. Haha. Ok. Maybe if they provided a Sherpa or pack mule to carry it! 5 days of food is plenty heavy. Can't wait to eat down the weight.

Starting to get some different feelings knowing there's less than a week and just under 100 miles to go til I'm done.

15 hiked today.

99.4 left to go.


  1. I can't believe there is no mention of beer in that song!

  2. Awesome Ryan, the Ferraras are routing for you! We love the pictures :-)

  3. Must feel strange to be approaching the "end" of the trail. You know, you don't ever really leave it behind, you carry it with you - the sights, smells, friendships, the sun and the rain. All the experiences along the way have now created their own "trail magic" within you. Good Luck in the 100 Mile Wilderness - be safe. Dad is looking forward to meeting you on the other side! Love you.