Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8.8.12 - Entering Maine, and the Fun Mahoosucs!

Woke up to a great sunrise! Filtered some water out of some puddles in the rocks, as the next listed water source was kinda far away. Hikes about 2 miles and made it to the New Hampshire, Maine border! One state remaining til I'm done! We took quite a few breaks today whether because we were tired or to get water. Made it to Full Goose Shelter and had lunch there. We also rested up a little before leaving and heading up a climb, then about 1000 ft down to get to the start of Mahoosuc Notch. The guidebook I have states "many call this scramble under, around, over, and between boulders the most difficult mile on the Trail". I had a blast with it. It took about an hour and a half to get through, but we took our time and even took our packs off and put our headlamps on to go into some of the very cold cave sections.

After making it out of the notch, we had the Arm to climb. It was about 1,600 ft of ascending steep sections, some of which were open rock slabs and faces. Eventually we made it to Speck Pond Shelter where we got water and made dinner. Most of us moved on to find a free place to stay. Chesty, Roadhouse, and Pedestrian, and I made it up almost to the top of Speck Mtn and found a spot to stealth camp. Pretty tough day today, but a lot of fun in the notch!

Scored a free, full fuel canister from a day hiker who didn't need it anymore. He had a full one, and one that was about 2/3 full. He gave both to me, so I shared one with Banjo.

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