Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8.7.12 - Last Day in New Hampshire, 1900 Mile Mark

Felt much better in the morning, so I decided to hike out. I had breakfast, then got a hitch from a few guys in a truck. They asked me where I was hiking and were blown away when they heard how far I'd come from. It was funny watching their reactions. They dropped me off at the trail and one handed me a big Kit Kat, and another handed me a banana. Score!

I hiked in and came across some trail magic. I didn't take any this time, as I had eaten, and didn't want a soda at the time. Sure enough, like just about every other time leaving town, it only took about an hour til I was craving something carbonated. I caught up to Mamaw B and Rainbow and hiked with them for a little while and caught up. Skunkape caught up and we all stopped to chat. When we started moving again, I picked up my pace and hiked ahead. Shortly after, I caught up to Princess Doah and Wildflower! I'd been trying to catch her for a while now, as I hadn't seen her since Dalton, MA before I got off trail to go to Saratoga. It was great to see her again!

A bunch of us had lunch together on top of some mountain, then we all kinda split up. I ended up hiking up to Mt Success and a few other guys were there or showed up slightly after. It had a 360 degree view so I wanted to stay there. Roadhouse, Banjo, and Pedestrian all decided to stay up there with me for the night. Awesome sunset and great star viewing! I cowboy camped (camped with just my sleeping bag, no tent) for the first time. It ended up being a great night.

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