Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8.24.12 - "Light a Fire Under Him, That'll Get Him Moving"

Last night consisted of a lot of mice trying to get into food bags and backpacks. While mine were hung properly and I didn't have any problems, the noise and aggravation it caused others prevented a few of us from sleeping. The shelter was packed a little tight, and I kept getting bumped and bumping others. At one point, when we heard mice, I had my light right on one that was on Pedestrian's backpack. He jumped up out of his sleeping bag, jumped over to another wooden beam, jumped over to a mobile bench just on the outside of the shelter (I thought he was going to fall at that point if it flew out from under him), and swung at the mouse! What a maniac! Haha. Those of us who were awake to see it were cracking up. So after all this ordeal, I moved my sleeping pad and bag outside the tent and cowboy camped the rest of the night.

Woke up around 5:30 and began the normal daily routine. I went to take my food bag down that was hanging in te shelter using the 60lb fishing line contraption that Flosser (aka Brian, remember him?) made us. It slipped out of my hand when I undid the clasp, and dropped directly below me, which landed right on top of Pedestrian's cooking pot that he was heating water up with his homemade alcohol stove. I'm not sure exactly what happened or how, but to the best of my knowledge that knocked the pot over, which knocked the alcohol stove over, which sent burning alcohol onto my leg. My upper, inside thigh was engulfed in flames. I'm not sure how, but it seemed like I immediately reacted and began smacking the flames with my hands to put them out. When I did this, my right hand then caught on fire too. Eventually after some smacking and covering the flame with both hands, the flame was extinguished. It took some time for my heart to stop pounding and to stop shaking. I checked things over and I was alright. Singed hair, and a sting like a sunburn, but it didn't seem any worse than that. Everyone in the shelter asked how I was and was concerned. Houdini gave me some aloe to put on it. I guess when I look at how much worse the situation could have been or gotten, I was really lucky. Of course as soon as we realized I was ok, the jokes started flying. Last night, I said something about wondering if there's anyone who made it this far and then decided with 4 days or so left of hiking, they would quit for one reason or another. Pedestrian chimed in after the fire and reminded me of that, asking me if I was gonna be that guy. What a way to start the day.

Did 16 miles by lunch at 12:15, and ended the day with 24 miles. I guess the phrase "lighting a fire under him" just might work!

Had a great view of Katahdin from Pemadumcook Lake! Looks way bigger from there as we are now closer!

Stayed at Nahmakanta Stream Campsite.

44 miles to go.

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