Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8.23.12 - Last Big Climbs, and The First View of Katahdin

Woke up early this morning and crossed the West Branch of the Pleasant River. First time going barefoot. I didn't want to get my shoes wet right off the bat. It was cold and almost therapeutic. From there, I blasted off into the woods and set a steady pace. I wanted to get to these climbs and get up and over them. It was warm right by the river, but when I got about 100 yards away, it got considerably colder. I could see my breath for about 2 miles. Got the first 5.5 miles done in about 2 hours, then it was time for the climbs. Four mountains, highest around 3,600 ft. This was Whitecap Mtn and we got our first view of Katahdin! Looks like a beast sitting out by its lonesome. Hard to believe it's 70 miles away. As the crow flies, it's probably about 30.

Today I listened to a great song while I was hiking by myself. I really like Jake Owen's line "So I don't buy green bananas, cause I don't plan that far ahead". While I'm typically a planner, this trip has made me realize how much I enjoy random, spontaneous things that happen. I think that will roll over into life after the trail. :)

Ended the day with 16.3 miles, staying at East Branch Lean-to.

67 miles to go.

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