Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8.19.12 - Trail Friday and an Actual Friday into Monson

Ugh. Just typed up this entry, hit save, program closed for some reason, and lost the post. Therefore... here's the abbreviated version. Oh the joy of technology :)

Got out of my tent early to catch the sun coming up over Moxie Pond. Awesome to see things come to life for the day and the feeling of the warm sun hitting me on the cool morning was great. Things like this, I'm really going to miss when the trail is over.

1 ford of a stream in the morning that typically wouldn't be a ford if not for all the rain recently.

2 actual fords of rivers, the West and East branches of the Piscataquis River. West was flowing good, knee deep with a static line to help from taking a swim. Trail magic after crossing east branch.

3 sodas for 3 of us in the trail magic cooler, which Houdini commented was serendipitous. He also reflected on how many things have been serendipitous along the whole journey and I agree. A lot of work and planning has gone into the AT, but there are many things you don't or can't plan for. Those things, thankfully, have worked out extremely well, which has been really cool to see happen time and time again!

18 mile day into the last town along the trail until finishing. Crazy to think about! Got a hitch after about 5 minutes.

114 miles to go.

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