Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8.22.12 - Sluggish Day

Slept in later than normal today. Had my alarm set for 6am, but must have slept right through that. It was a chilly morning, as my temp in my tent read low 50s. Must have been in the mid to high 40s last night.

Was an uphill downhill kinda day today. I've heard numerous times how easy the 100 Mile Wilderness is and how flat it is. Maybe today was one of the sections they got to mention is an exception. Granted, we've seen tougher things on the trail, but I wouldn't call this a cake walk.

Late morning, Banjo and I decided to go 0.4 miles off the trail to a lean-to to get water. Turns out that maybe 2 miles or so after the trail to the lean-to, there was a stream. Wasn't listed in the book, so we had no idea it'd be there. Oh well.

It was a sluggish day. I wasn't moving quickly, felt worn out, and even slipped and tripped a few times. Luckily nothing was too painful or serious, but good reminders to pay attention and hike safely. One fall was ever so slight and even gentle. My butt landed in moss, but my thigh came down right on a small tree stump about 4 inches in diameter. Felt like someone gave me a charlie horse, then for the rest of the day it felt like I had a cramp in my thigh and calf. Maybe I bruised it or at worse maybe ripped some muscle. I think the party 2 nights ago caught up to me today and that's what made me feel tired and out of it. The other guys said they felt the same way.

Great views today, and tomorrow should be a last day of good ups and downs. The rest of the Wilderness looks pretty level. The terrain is pretty awful in spots. Roots and rocks which prevent getting into a rhythm with steps. Compared to California trails, these here are rough and pretty lousy.

Camped by the West Branch of the Pleasant River.

Hiked 15 miles.

84 miles to go.

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