Monday, August 20, 2012

8.15.12 - 2,000 Mile Milestone, and Today I Took'a Me Fishin'

Decided to do a short mile day today. 5 miles from Stratton, up a couple thousand feet, to Horn Pond Lean-to. Left town around 10:00am, got in around 1pm. Decided to MacGuyver some fishing equipment and go to the pond to try to catch us some brook trout. Fishing hooks made from safety pins. Line made out of upholstery thread I had and dental floss. Trekking pole for, well... a pole. No luck catching any, but it was a good time hangin out with Banjo and Houdini. Houdini also made a spear using his walking stick with three sharp sticks he whittled to sharp points attached to it.

We knocked out some good elevation today and got some more rest in, which should put us in a good position to do some of the last tough climbs until Katahdin. There will be a few more climbs, but they don't look anywhere near as big or tough. We will knock these Bigelow Mtns out tomorrow, rain or shine (supposed to rain like it did today again).

Today was also a milestone day. I hit the 2,000 mile mark!

About 183 miles to go.

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