Saturday, June 30, 2012

3.30.12 - Another Hot One and the Refreshments

Another hot day today. Cool in the morning, full of mosquitoes swarming to the point that I had to walk a little away from where we were camped next to the registration office to get somewhere with a breeze to keep the bugs down while I ate breakfast.

Stopped by the RPH Shelter in the morning and had a snack and refilled water. Hiked on to Stormville, NY and stopped at Danny's Pizzeria for lunch and to get out of the heat. I was dragging over the past days with the heat, and town food helped to bring my spirits up. Had a great chicken parmesan sandwich with fries, then went to the convenience store and got a quart of sherbet. That definitely cooled me down! Keeper and I hung around for a few hours and planned out next most likely resupply options. After that we went back to the trail when it was slightly cooler. We each packed out a few 24oz beers. Shockingly, they were cheaper than buying water! What the heck is up with that? We made sure to drink plenty of water today with the heat though, just didn't pay for it.

We hiked 4 more miles to the Morgan Srewart Shelter, where we ended up having the place to ourselves. Not a great shelter, but really nice tent sites, and plentiful. Made a fire to keep the bugs away, and ate dinner and enjoyed our cold refreshing beer.

Fireworks in the distance. Sounds like a big show going on somewhere. Looking forward to fireworks in NYC on the 4th!

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