Friday, June 1, 2012

5.31.12 - Harpers Ferry, and Seeing Friends

Woke up without a hangover, but extra beer, so we left it for anyone who would pass after we left that morning, to enjoy.

Hiked 4 miles through the Devil's Racecourse, which was nowhere near as bad as it sounds. Came to a side trail for Blackburn Hostel and took it. As we got in, we met the caretakers, Magpie, and another hiker. They were finishing up breakfast and offered their leftover pancakes and coffee. We had that, plus donuts and fruit as we hung out for about an hour. Kinda wish we would have stayed there. It was a really cool place and the caretakers seemed great.

Hiked the remaining 12 miles into Harpers Ferry, a few of which had rough hiking over rock covered trail. Got out pictures taken in front of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy which goes into a photo album of this year's hikers passing through. Looked at some previous years to find people we had met before. Found LOL, Birch, Space, White Fang, and Dr Bundy. Picked up a package there that Brian (aka Flosser, aka Kilimanjaro, aka Flossermanjaro AT) had sent as a gift for reaching the (almost) halfway point. A Steripen water purifier! Very nice, and definitely appreciated! Brian knew some of the struggles I have had with my water filter. Thanks buddy!

Waited around for a while at the ATC, then my friend from my old job picked me and Coffee up and took us back to Martinsburg, WV. We did our food resupply, got showers, did laundry, and then hung out and ate back at the apartment. Was a great time seeing old friends Kenny and Lisa, and meeting some other Quad Graphics Corporate Trainees! Thanks to Kenny and Lisa for driving us, and for the guys at the apartment for letting us crash there.

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