Monday, June 4, 2012

6.3.12 - Mason Dixon Line, Another State Change, and Night Off Trail

I got an early start out of camp before 7am and got moving down the trail. Threw in my earbuds and listened to a sermon from Pastor Rick Hoppe. Great way to spend a Sunday morning, listening to Rick as I walk in the beauty of the morning. Weather was great and I had a spring in my step. Coffee caught up a little later and we hiked together.

Our section hiking friend Zion was going to be meeting us Pen Mar Park about noon, so we busted out 14 miles and got there right about noon.

The three of us hiked on after a little downtime, and soon came to the Mason Dixon line, taking us from Maryland into Pennsylvania. Another state change in just a few day since the last few! Had to play some Brantley Gilbert, "GRITS" when we crossed. Took a break at Deer Lick Shelters and saw Calculator, the ridge runner we met at the ATC in Harpers Ferry. Seems like a really nice guy who gets to hang out in the woods and educate people on Leave No Trace.

Hiked 8 miles with Zion to Old Forge Park and got ahold of Chris, the guy who I replaced in Merced at work. He and his wife Odessa live in Waynesboro, PA and they picked up me, Coffee, Zion, and Lemmiwinks and took us to destroy a Chinese buffet! They treated us to the meal and then we hit Walmart next door to resupply with a few items.

We had no idea they'd offer this, but they offered to take us to their place to do laundry, shower, relax, and sleep. For the first time, I actually considered whether I needed a shower or not. Haha. We took the offer and went back to crash in civilization for the night. Good times and thankful for all the great things my friends are doing for me and my trail friends along the way! Thanks Chris and Odessa!

Also, per a friend insisting on this, I tried Tastykake. It was good. Not sure about the hype though. Maybe I need to try a different kind.

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