Friday, June 1, 2012

6.1.12 - WV Quad Plant, Lunch with the Guy I Replaced, Torrential Rain, Another State Done

Went into the West Virginia Quad Graphics plant. I hadn't worked at this location, but had made a few trips down from Saratoga and worked out of the office there a few times. Got to visit with people I'd worked with before and met during my visits there. It was great seeing all them and being in this familiar place! It brought back good memories and made me miss the Quad family feeling.

For lunch, Chris Sewell took me and Coffee out. Chris is the guy I took over for in Merced when he transferred to Canada. He had moved to PA with the company after moving to Canada for a brief time, and now he works in plants in and around Martinsburg. How crazy an great to be able to meet up with him! Thanks for lunch Chris!

Headed back to the plant, then Lisa, Scheduler like I had been, took us back to the trail in Harpers Ferry. We sat at the conservancy office treating on what to do, as a lot of people said real bad weather was on its way. At this point I was kicking myself for not asking if the plans could be chanced so we could stay in Martinsburg another night to let the storms pass, and have more fun with friends, but it was too late. I didn't want to call my friends to have them come back to pick us up.

Coffee was reluctant to go, knowing it would storm, but the prices to stay in Harpers Ferry were high, and I was hoping we might hit a window in the weather. We headed out when it stopped raining, and made it just shy if 6 miles to Ed Garvey Shelter when the torrential rain started falling. We got soaked, with only about 2 minutes left til we reached the shelter. It was one of the best shelters so far, with an upstairs with a back entrance via a staircase. The rain kept coming down, then let up for a while, then hit again hard. Luckily we will be dry tonight, even if winds gust high as they are predicting.

Only a 6 mile day, but better than having to pay a lot to stay in town. We almost even beat the weather, but oh well. Harpers Ferry was cool looking and I'd like to go back and check it out sometime. It had a spooky feel to it with fog and clouds rolling in. I think there was a recent TV show about Harpers Ferry and if I remember correctly, it was something about it being scary. I'll have to look it up sometime and maybe catch an episode.

Crossed out of West Virginia and into Maryland. That makes 5 states done out of 14!

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  1. If you're after potentially creepy stuff, I'm meeting you about 3-4 miles from the site of the Blair Witch's alleged execution. :)