Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I made it to Pittsburg without any issues. As I was sitting there with ticket in hand, I heard no announcement of when to start loading to head to Harrisburg around 2am. I asked an employee and they said it would be announced. I waited til about 2:10am and found out that they just started boarding not far from where I was. I went and got in line. It came turn for me to hand over my boarding pass and the driver said "that's it. We're full". He didn't even give me a chance to ask any questions and shut the door to the loading area. I asked another employee nearby and they said that happens, and I would need to talk to customer service. I went to customer service and waited a few minutes while they dealt with an irate lady. When I asked how the bus would be full if I had purchased a ticket, the employee told me that because people come from different buses and they don't know the destination or where people get off, the busses can get overbooked. I don't get it. I asked him what I do at this point and he said to talk to the ticket agent. I had to wait for the same irate lady again, then the ticket agent said that I would be able to get on the 5am bus. I asked her how I would get bumped off and she couldn't give me an answer I could understand. I asked her if there was any way to make sure I get on the 5am, and she said to talk to customer service. I went back to customer service and the guy told me (with an attitude) that I need to wait in line, that's how the buses work, an that it's first come first served.

So shame on me for not knowing it was first come first served, but no need for the rude people. This is in line with the rudeness I experienced from the drivers toward others on the way to Indiana.

As I sit here, on a bus, I'm not even sure if I'll still have a ride today to get to the trail. I'm waiting for my ride to wake up and let me know if she can still do it before work.

If I make it back to the trail today, I don't expect to put down any considerable mileage with how tired I currently feel.

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  1. This is so like that Seinfeld episode where they reserve a rental car but can't get one because all the cars are gone. What's the point of a ticket if it doesn't reserve you a seat???!!!!