Monday, June 18, 2012

6.18.12 - More Rock Hoppin', Pinnacles, and Some Unfortunate News

Rough night of sleep last night with traffic rolling nearby all through the night. Tossed and turned all night and didn't get a lot of solid sleep.

Got a later start out of camp this morning around 8:30am, then walked into town on the way to the trail and killed a little more time there. Jaws and I were going to go to the Yuengling brewery, but couldn't find a solid shuttle and didn't want to even bother trying to hitch 15 miles one way.

Had a considerable climb right out of town first thing this morning, but it wasn't too bad. Talking with Golden on the way up helped to pound it out quickly. Had some great conversations and some good laughs that made the time and miles fly by. Ran into Dakota Dan who I haven't seen since the Shenandoahs. Sometime down the trail, Wildflower told me that her husband was reading another hiker's blog and found out that Coffee To Go had to be carried down a mountain on the trail by some other hikers on a makeshift stretcher made from pine branches and a sleeping bag, to get him to some medical personnel. He was dehydrated and needed to be given fluids through IV at a hospital. Granted this is all hearsay from other hikers, but hopefully everything is alright. I haven't been able to get ahold of Coffee or anyone else I could think would have been around him.

Had a lot of rock hopping to do today again, but got a great view from an area called the Pinnacle. It looked out over the valley and a lot of PA farms. Up top along the rocks there was a timber rattler that someone let us know about. It was tucked under a rock and hard to see.

Hiked into Eckville Shelter, which only made for a 14 mile day, but most of us felt fine with that, as many of us needed a shorter day for our bodies to recover a little. My previously surgical foot was a little tender today, so resting it was good. Willie wanted to order pizza and have it delivered to the shelter, so we all chipped in for 3 pizzas with the Monday night $5.99 large pizza special. I had a few pieces, and my stomach was really hurting. Golden mentioned that she saw me eat a lot of raisins at lunch, and that thy have a lot of fiber. That, and I had. fiber bar today. I think I need to cut back if that's what it is.

Eckville Shelter is a fully enclosed shelter that has an outhouse with a shower in the building, and a caretaker that lives right next to the shelter. The shower was cold, but it felt good to be clean(er). We had some good laughs watching the Mr Rogers remix "garden of your mind" video on YouTube!

Looking forward to hiking the Knife Edge tomorrow!

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