Monday, June 4, 2012

6.4.12 - Good Morning, Nice Day

Woke up on a floor, but it was carpeted, so it felt alright. I do miss walking barefoot on carpet. Feels great! Had cereal, coffee, and Tastykakes for breakfast at Chris and Odessa's, then headed back to the trail. Got a later start than normal, but I was perfectly fine with that after a fun, good night.

Hiked 16 miles to a small spot tucked away a few miles after Quarry Gap
Shelters. Almost wanted to stop there, as the area was great. Clean shelter, tent platforms, hanging flower baskets, creek running through, fence with welcome sign. The maintainer visits frequently and keeps it super nice!

Looking forward to reaching the halfway point on the trail tomorrow! Also hoping Zion's knee feels better. She was in pain today while hiking.

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