Saturday, June 2, 2012

6.2.12 - Great Weather, and Retracing Some Steps

Was a somewhat chilly night last night in my 45 degree bag. Yet I shouldn't complain, because I woke up dry, in a great shelter, and it wasn't raining.

The weather ended up being great today! Probably the best hiking weather I've experienced on the trail so far. If I had to guess, I'd say it stayed in the low 70s, sunny, with a little breeze.

Hiked with Coffee until lunch when Lemmiwinks joined us. We checked out an old Civil War site with a grave for General Reno, went to the first monument constructed for George Washington, and went to Annapolis Cliffs. We crossed a footbridge over a highway, and when we got to the other side, I immediacy recognized that I'd been there before. We hiked just shy of 2 miles to Annapolis Cliffs, where I had also been before. About 2.5 years ago I was in the area visiting a girl I was dating while I was in Saratoga Springs, NY and she was in Martinsburg, WV. We ended up doing a hike in Boonsboro, MD and it was along the AT. I didn't know what the AT was then, and it wasn't til I started thinking of hiking it that I remembered I'd done a section before. Unfortunately I missed the parking lot today where I had my picture taken in front of an AT sign back then, but I did have my picture taken on the same cliffs as then. There will be two more spots along the trail that should be familiar to me, but we will save those stories for later. (you the suspense).

Good day of hiking, and ended up doing 20 miles. Looking forward to a fun day tomorrow. I know two things in store for me, but who knows what else could happen.

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  1. That looks like a nice high point to "look out" from.