Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6.26.12 - A State Change, and Great Views From Camp

Ran into Golden, Wildflower, and Coffee as we got to the trailhead. Perfect! We hiked along some swamps and over them on some long expanses of boardwalks. Around lunch time, we got to Heaven Hill Farm and got some fresh produce, blueberry milkshake, and a coffee. It was delicious and a great break for the day. Some people were trying to get 28 miles done, but later decided not to. Shade, a section hiker whose name I gave the other day because when the sun was shining right in my eyes while I was eating dinner, he stood up and blocked the light, met up with us and hiked the rest of the day.

We ended up getting to a spot just before the NJ/NY state line, where we could see the skyline of New York City! We crossed into New York and while I'm still a ways away from where I'd lived in Saratoga Springs, it was a great feeling! We hiked a little ways further and when we got to Prospect Rocks, we decided we didn't want to hike any further because the view was so good. We had a great shot of New York City from there and as the sun set and we enjoyed a fire, we could see the city light up!

Great ending to the day, stopping for the views!

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