Thursday, June 14, 2012

6.14.12 - Let the Rock Hoppin' Begin

Hiked 10 or 11 miles from Darlington Shelter to Duncannon, PA. Had a good time picking John's brain about being a business owner. Stopped at The Doyle Hotel with Mad Hat and John, and asked about how far the grocery store was. The bartender said it was a dangerous road to walk, and asked her husband if he needed to run to the grocery store to get anything for the kitchen. He did, so he gave me a ride there and back. Resupply was pretty quick and easy for the next 4 days ahead.

Got back to the Doyle and went outside to eat my lunch. It was tough passing up a good meal and beer on tap, but I managed to do it. Can't be spending money everywhere I want to, knowing I'm not bringing any in whole I'm on this hike.

Hit the trail around 2pm and hiked to Peters Mountain Shelter about 11 miles out of town. A nice lady sitting on her porch as I walked through town wished me luck and a safe, healthy rest of my journey, and asked for God's blessing for me. Some of the most random people I come across are the nicest people.

The trail really started to get more rockier than normal. Wasn't too bad though compared to how everyone talks about the rocks in PA. Maybe that part is yet to come. Helped that I had an iPod that was just reloaded with some new, great music! Had me hoppin' from rock to rock!

About a 21 or 22 mile day. Not bad with a resupply in the middle and for just coming back to the trail after about 6 or 7 days off trail!

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