Monday, June 18, 2012

6.17.12 - A Great New "Bubble", and Trail Friday into Port Clinton, PA

Had an uphill first thing this morning to start the day. Hiked with Golden and Wildflower to Eagle's Nest Shelter, 9 miles out. Had lunch there around 11 and worked on a rough plan for the next couple of weeks. Who knows whether I'll be with them during that whole time or not, but it was worth a look. Since I've gotten back on trail, I've been hiking and hanging out with a great group of other hikers. As Golden and a few others have referred to it, you have a "bubble" of people that you hike with and or around. Sometimes you may see them all day, or you may see them part of the day, then those people all meet up at the same shelter or campsite. Good term for it! So my new bubble is great! Really fun to be around, different personalities, different reasons for being out here, a lot of diversity, and it really makes for a great time.

Hikes another 9 into Port Clinton. The last mile or so was a crazy steep downhill. A few of us agreed it was probably the steepest section we've experienced on the AT so far. Sick as it might be, I actually thought it was fun! Better, in my opinion, to be going down it instead of up it! This was one of the rockiest days I remember on the trail thus far. Makes my feet sore by the end of the day. Today I was also battling sore balls of my feet that have developed blisters under the callouses. Haven't had that for a while, but they're back! Hoping to not be too tender tomorrow.

Got a hitch into Hamburg to eat HAMBURGers at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. After that, went to Walmart to resupply for 4 days. The larges Cabela's was a little ways away, at 250,000 square feet. The outside of the building looked huge. I've been in a few before that were smaller, and while I wanted to check it out, it didn't seem worth the walk there and back. Also, there was a trail angel that offered to take us back toward the trail so we could stay at a pavilion that the local church takes care of. Nice spot down by a river, but in earshot of a busy road. We will see how sleeping goes.

Jaws and Flint got dropped off as I was hanging my food bag, and Jaws mentioned possibly going to the Yuengling Brewery (America's oldest brewery) tomorrow for a tour. We're gonna figure it out tomorrow and decide. Sounds like a good idea to me :)

Really enjoying being out here since I've gotten back. I think my batteries were recharged from quality time with family and friends, and the new people I've met.

Also, need to include that Mom #2, aka Mrs Huber's homemade strawberry jam is absolutely delicious! Golden and Wildflower tried some at lunch ands loved it! Wildflower said it tastes like summer in a jar. Would definitely enjoy getting my hands on more of that. Glad my mom had a plastic jar to put it in so I could take it on the trail! Thanks Mom #2!

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