Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6.27.12 - Sunrise Over New York City, and Getting Lost

Woke up early this morning to catch the sun rising. I could see in the distance, the rays hitting the towering buildings in NYC.

We hiked about 5.5 miles to a hotdog stand. Delicious food (at least for a hiker hunger) of 2 dogs, chips, and a soda for $5. We had to wait for the place to open, so we hung out for a while at a creamery that had tables but wasn't open yet.

After lunch we bid farewell to Shade. We hiked on another 14 or so and it was tough. Just lacked motivation and were tired. It was a day of many ups and downs. The final down was really steep and rocky. Took a toll on my legs for sure. Crossed over I-87 and into Herriman State Park. A mile or so in we found trail magic of chocolate, YooHoos, sodas, chips, oatmeal creme pies, fruit, fruit cups! This was awesome. As we were mowing down, three ladies came up and we found out they placed the trail magic there. We thanked them and enjoyed! Hike just a little further into the park and found a spot to camp overlooking the lake and island.

Tough day, but we got through it. Planned on making it about another 3 miles to the shelter, but once again, we took the spot with the view. Plus, we were all pretty worn out. At one point between all the ups and downs, Golden and I got lost for about 10 min. Finally we reconnected with the AT.

Looking forward to hiking with my friends Dave and Laura from Saratoga Springs. They're coming to hike around the Bear Mountain area with me!

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  1. I'm happy to hear you all made it so far, and I'm equally happy I left you guys when I did. By the time I got home my feet were practically pulp. After a hot shower, a handful of ibuprofen, and a good night of rest, I feel pretty damn good. I plan on hitting the New York section of the trail tomorrow after I buy some poles.

    Now before you head farther into the wilderness, and before I head farther out into the societal jungle, I'd like to share a George Carlin quote that may serve you all better than myself:

    "Don't sweat the petty things, but don't pet the sweaty things."

    Feel free to grab my info from Wildflower when you get the chance,

    ~Shade (Greg)