Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6.25.12 - Hangin With the Locals

Keeper and I hiked in the 7 miles to Unionville, NY and went straight to Wit's End Tavern for lunch. Saw a few other hikers filter in and out.

Started talking to a local and he offered us a stay at his house. We went back to his place and did laundry, then he had us take his car to the general store and pizza place. The resupply was tough, as there was hardly any food. Met up with Golden, Wildflower, Coffee, Crush, and Foster, but then went back to Chris' for showers and to relax. On the way back, he showed us around the area. It's amazing how beautiful a lot of Jersey is, and many people have no idea. We even drove by Lou Dobbs' property.

Not many miles, but got a lot accomplished and had fun. Also, found out Keeper and I have the same exact birthday. A few people have referred to us as the bearded brothers.

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