Saturday, June 23, 2012

6.23.12 - Goodbye Pennsylvania, Hello New Jersey!

About a mile out of town and I had completed Pennsylvania. Another state down, and a rocky one at that! New Jersey or the next few days. I've seen the city of NJ from the Staten Island Ferry and been to the Jersey coast, but never had I seen NJ in all it's beauty like this before. The weather was nice and cool and there were blue skies as I hikes along a large pond and up an over winding ridge tops with great views! The terrain was still pretty rocky even though we'd crossed into a different state and bid Pennsylvania farewell, but it got better as the miles progressed. The views were great all day!

As I was about 6 miles in, I met up with Keeper and his dog, Duke. Great day of hiking with these two and then Andy when he caught up with us at lunch.

Just like the past few days, it's been tick fest, so I removed a bunch more from me today. Not quite 20, but still annoying.

Hiked 24.7 miles to Brink Rd Shelter. Sore feet as I have blisters on the balls of my feet under the calluses again. Mosquitoes terrible tonight at shelter. Should be a cool night and a great one for catching some Z's. Unfortunately Golden, Wildflower, and Crush didn't do the same mileage like I thought they would. Will have to see them another day, but hopefully sooner rather than later.

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